Your cancellation rights have changed

This is what happens when people fight back.

After the ash cloud, some passengers were stranded by their airline, in this case, Ryanair. They sued and they won!

Ryanair loses EU ash cloud case

According to the BBC report, Ryanair should have fully compensated a passenger whose flight was cancelled because of the volcanic ash cloud in 2010, the EU’s top court has said.

On such occasions there is no limit – in time or money – to the airline’s duty to look after its passengers, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled.

Denise McDonagh had a seven-day wait for a Faro-Dublin flight on Ryanair and said she spent nearly 1,130 euros (£968) on a hotel, food and transport.

Remember, the Courts have decided that there is no limit to the amount you can claim if you are left stranded by your airline. No limit in time or money. You obviously can’t claim for a 5-star hotel if your holiday was a 3-star, and you can’t claim for a private jet to get you home, but as long as your expenses are reasonable, the airline HAS to recompense you.

The HMV debacle follows Comet’s pattern

As another chain slowly circles the drain, customers of HMV were informed last week that their gift vouchers and cards would, as with Comet, NOT be honoured. You already know how I feel about this kind of thing – it’s a receipt for goods already purchased. You’ve had the money, etc. etc. See other rant on Comet for full spiel.


But today. HMV has announced that, as of Tuesday, they WILL honour them.


Jolly good. 

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