My recent brush with fame (although sadly not fortune)

I have recently experienced my own issues, trying to cancel a Sky subscription.  The whole thing is quite a saga, which I am happy to relate in detail if required, but a fair summary (along with my beaming photo) appeared in the Sunday Telegraph, as they had to take up my case to get it solved. Everyone needs extra help sometimes! 

It was after I read this article, that I realised I was not alone in my struggle.

So I emailed the lovely Mr Hyde with my personal tale of woe.  He took up my cause immediately, and within a week, I had received a personal telephone call from someone very high up indeed, who fixed my problem instantly and very apologetically.

Now, the regulator is involved.

Whether this will improve things, I doubt, but it’s a step in the right direction. Please let me know if you have any similar struggles. I know that Talk Talk is even worse to cancel than Sky (sometimes even being dead is not sufficient, apparently), so if you have a tale of woe, please share and we will try to assist.

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