Ryanair loses flight delay payments case

You will remember Mr Huzar, who very kindly pursued a test case to force airlines to compensate passengers delayed for more than three hours. And he won.

Well, ever since, the airlines have been arguing (surprise, surprise).

The latest argument, from Messrs Ryanair, was that, in the small print of their paperwork, they allow two years for a claim for delay compensation, even though the national statutory limit is six years. They argued that, because it was in the small print, the customer had agreed to the shorter time limit when making the booking, and is therefore bound by it.

The judge told them they were wrong. Essentially, they were not allowed to shorten the statutory minimum to suit their own requirements. Of course not, otherwise everyone would do it!

They say they will appeal. I say, let them. The law is the law, and the statute of limitations on civil claims is six years. I hope they bankrupt themselves pursuing this fight. They cannot possibly win, I wouldn’t have thought, but I’m happy to watch themselves tie themselves, their lawyers and their bank account in knots trying.

As ever, BBC article available here.

The Great Airport Duty Free Con

Basically, you’re not charged less. They charge you exactly the same price as in town, and then THEY pocket the difference!

And the main culprit? BOOTS.

You have been warned. Check your prices before you go, so that you can see where the prices are genuinely reduced. Or not as the case is far more likely to be.

In depth Independent article here.

Delayed passengers are not claiming the compensation they are entitled to

As I told you a few months ago, passengers whose journeys in or out of the UK are delayed for over three hours are entitled to up to 600 euros (£422).

Between June 2014 and May 2015, 37 million passenger journeys to or from the UK were delayed by 15 minutes or more, meaning that about 900,000 people could be eligible for compensation, but only around 38% of them ever claim, Which? found.

More information can be found here, or on the Which? website.

Twitter update changes your settings to increase the cost

The warnings about autoplay for videos on Twitter was out months ago, and many people changed their settings, so that videos would not autoplay, as this costs money in data time usage.

However, the recent Twitter update apparently CHANGES YOUR SETTINGS back to accepting autoplay.

So, if you use Twitter on your phone, please check your settings regularly. Don’t just change them once and assume the problem is solved. Because it isn’t.

Full details here.

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