This Christmas’s scam of choice

Conning people into purchasing and sharing iTunes voucher codes, by telling them they are paying off their tax bill.

More info here.


Stores that stop selling online

Have you ever noticed that some stores disappear off the web? This is why.

Beko dryers KILL

If you have a Beko tumble dryer, you need to stop using it and do some research.

Several models are known to catch fire with dubious ease.

The current news story can be found here: Beko tumble dryers behind 20 fires.

She was killed by the 8kg model, which has not been recalled. But the 6kg and 7kg models have been recalled. CHECK YOUR MANUAL to see what model you have.

The recall page link is here.

Bookmark this – it’s very useful

If you are complaining to a big company and not getting any meaningful response, you can use this site to write directly to the CEO. VERY handy.

Internet shopping – Wild Sugar by Sajeela

Do not EVER buy anything from, also known as Wild Sugar by Sajeela or 
They will not read your delivery instructions, and when there is a problem with the delivery, as a direct result of their cockup, they will get arsey with you and throw your money back in your face, rather than just apologise and fix the problem they caused. A very sad end to a business that made very lovely clothes, but I can’t see them lasting much longer with that kind of attitude. After all, as we all know, it’s not about making mistakes, it’s about how those mistakes are dealt with, and this company would rather go bankrupt than admit making a mistake and fixing it. Shame, really.

Whirlpool doesn’t seem worried about dryer fires

Consumer issues in 2015 – a summary

Harrods are trying to kill you

Cheese recall. Contains E. COLI!!!!!

Details here.

EE admits defeat and recalls all powerbars

They overheat.

They were free.

You get what you pay for.
Full story, courtesy of MoneySavingExpert, here.

The food recalls continue

Co-operative Food Loved by Us 10 Piece Empanada Selection – contains shellfish

Marks & Spencer Vegetable Crispbake – contains egg

Eat Natural ‘Fruits and Fibre with coconut, apricots, oats and spelt flakes breakfast bar’ – contains peanuts

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