The food recalls continue

Co-operative Food Loved by Us 10 Piece Empanada Selection – contains shellfish

Marks & Spencer Vegetable Crispbake – contains egg

Eat Natural ‘Fruits and Fibre with coconut, apricots, oats and spelt flakes breakfast bar’ – contains peanuts


Another cold calling firm receives a heavy fine

A company calling themselves the National Advice Clinic made almost six million nuisance calls in the space of six months.

This fine is particularly important because many of those contacted by the company, which also trades as the Industrial Hearing Clinic and the Central Compensation Office, were on the Telephone Preference Service which is supposed to stop people receiving unsolicited cold calls.

As a result, almost 2,000 complaints were made to the industry regulator Ofcom.

They have been fined £850,000.

More info, as ever, here.

Product recall: Asda curry in a cheese sauce wrapper

Asda has withdrawn certain pots of its Cheese Sauce Mix with a ‘best before’ end date of November 2016 because the pots contain a curry sauce mix. The incorrect label does not mention the presence of mustard and wheat. This means the product is a possible health risk for anyone with an allergy to mustard and/or wheat or an intolerance to gluten.

Full details here.

Product recall: not food! Mouldy children’s books

No, I kid you not.

Sainsbury’s are (quietly) recalling That’s not my Reindeer and That’s not my Santa children’s books, because of concern they may have come into contact with mould.

This could be quite harmful to small children.

They are offering a full refund.

More info, as per, here.

Cashew butter that contains peanuts – YET ANOTHER food recall

Windmill Organics Ltd is recalling Biona Organic Cashew Nut Butter because the product contains peanut which is not mentioned on the label as an ingredient. This means the product is a possible health risk for anyone with an allergy to peanut.

More info, as ever, here.

Fourth food recall of the week: Asda spread has shards of plastic in it

Asda is recalling its buttery spread after shards of clear plastic were found in some batches.

More info here.

And after a baby is rescued from a burning car, NOW it’s a full recall

Vauxhall is recalling 220,000 Zafiras, as we mentioned a few weeks ago they probably would.

Actual flames would generally be a clue that there was something pretty wrong with your product, but apparently it has taken Vauxhall a while to catch on to the seriousness of this. At least they are now taking action before someone gets hurt.

More info at the Vauxhall website, including how to figure out if your car is a risk.

Yet ANOTHER food recall for hidden ingredients that could harm

This is getting silly.

This time it is IKEA Russian and Mandel raisin and almond mix.

More info, as usual, here.

Another product recall: Now the Hairy Bikers want you dead

Kimm & Miller Ltd recalls Hairy Bikers Tasty Trio Condiment Selection (pack of 3 bottles)

Kimm & Miller Ltd has recalled packs of Hairy Bikers Tasty Trio Condiment Selection with a ‘best before’ end of March 2016 because the product contains barley, eggs, milk, mustard and sulphites. These allergens are not mentioned correctly on the bottles, making the product a possible health risk for anyone with a relevant allergy, intolerance or sensitivity.

More information available from the FSA.


No, really.

There is not only wheat content that does not appear on the label, but also SHELLFISH.

Full story, as usual, here.

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