How to complain – Rule 3

Stick to the facts.

You will undoubtedly be upset. Possibly distressed, possibly just extremely angry.

But your letter of complaint must be facts only.

“You’ve ruined my life and I can never trust you again” may feel very cathartic to type, but it doesn’t progress your claim one iota. It’s a waste of ink and will simply cause the company to glaze over and write you off as a hysterical nutter.

Facts and facts only. Dates, times, names, proof.

And then you must tell them what it is you require in order for you to consider this matter resolved.

A complaint without a suggested solution is just a rant.

You may well argue that they should be able to work out for themselves what is needed to remedy the situation.

But spell it out.

If you want your money back, say so.

If you want a replacement, say so.

If you want someone retrained or fired, say so. You’re more likely to get the former than the latter, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!

If you don’t say what you want and when you want it by, expect to be ignored.  They get a lot of letters every day and yours will simply get lost in the pile.

If all else fails, contact me.

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